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La censure par filtrage d’adresse et de contenu

Many countries have Internet censorship at present. Both the range of filtering and the techniques used are substantially varied. They censor using the scotch search engine results (Yahoo! in France), by blocking of specific URLs and IP adresses up to dynamic filtering of URLs and network packages for unwanted keywords.

The OpenNet Initiative and Reporters Without Borders observe Internet censorship worldwide and publish regular reports about Internet censorship.

OpenNet Initiative

Pervasive Internet censorship
China, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), Syria, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

Substantial Internet censorship
South Korea

Nominal Internet censorship
Australia, Canada, USA, India, Kazakhstan

Indirect Internet censorship
Belarus, Kirgisien

States on the watchlist
Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Morocco, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe

Reporters Without Borders

13 Enemies of the Interent
Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

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