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Break through the Internet Censorship

Surfing the Internet and the world shrinks to the size of a village. The farthest regions are just one click away. But taking a closer look, the infinite freedom of a virtual space is just an illusion. The World Wide Web, the nervous system of a simultaneous communication and the platform for global data exchange, is quite a diverse heterogeneous formation. Many nations have an active Internet censorship. more >>

Wie picidae funktioniert
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Journey to the end of the Internet

For three weeks we checked the functions of the Golden Shield, the huge Chinese firewall, in Beijing and Shanghai. more >>

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Holes in the Berlin wall
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How picidae works

If you invoke a pici-server a form field appears to fill in a web address. The pici-server then creates an image of that website and sends this back. more >>

picidae through the Great Firewall of China

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