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How picidae works

Website blocked by Firewall

The firewall inhibits the invocation of censored web sites within China due to words in the Content, the URL or because of the permanent blocking of the whole web site.

call a pici-server

If you invoke a pici-server a form field appears to fill in a web address. The pici-server then creates an image of that website and sends this back. To make surfing on that image possible, pici-server analyses the web site and puts links via image maps onto the image where they can be seen on the web site. So one can click in the web browser with the mouse onto the links like on the “true” web page.

pici-server delivers a picture of the website

On a further layer form fields are set pixel accurately into the web site. Therewith you can send simple form fields and search as usual within web sites and search engines. That’s important because for example Goolge is reachable in China, but censors search results. Search engines outside China show many more results.


Page content, page title, image name, links etc. chooses picidae arbitrarily. For that the primarily requested URLs can’t be detected by censorship programmes, user’s input is encrypted by javascript before sending.

pici-Server startscreen

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