Background and Art project
Discussion and community forum
Programming and debugging the pici-server
Open source software

Access 2 picidae

Further access addresses to picidae can be obtained from contactatpicidae.net (PGP key) .

picidae has come a long way from being just a web platform. The Internet address www.picidae.net and the demonstration server pici.picidae.net may be blocked, but the projects only starts there. picidae is a community project. Everybody can join in themselves in picidae.

The chaotic network
Everybody can setup an own server and their own proxies. Thereby autonomous and uncontrollable networks arise. The community grew fast. As intented, we have no overview on the spreading. Many people provide own, sometimes modified systems for closed or open usergroups. There are even pici-servers which users only use against a specific firewall. To not get blocked, it is always important NOT to use the word picidae for the description of the system. Therefore picidae has its own destinctive marks. The more versatile the network is the more intangible it becomes.

How does picidae spread?
picidae has been presented in many places. For example in the ‘Handbook for Cyberdissients and Bloggers’ from reporters without borders, which circulates in many countries in print or on discs. Many people have helped us to translate the information into other languages. We have received hundreds of descriptions, blogs, emails and even handwritten letters. Some people mirror the whole picidae website, read it on audio-files or hand-out their own variants. The spread of the Idea is almost limitless too.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to all who engage in the community!