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Run a pici-server

You may set up and run a pici-server on your own computer. The code is freely downloadable from our developer section and there are step by step installation instructions.

pici-server installation guide >>

Run a pici-proxy on your web account

If you do have your own web account you can run a pici-proxy on it. A pici-proxy is a proxy server, that points on a pici-server and works as an additional proxy for that pici-server. due to the fact that one address could be censored quite easily, a pici-server remains available over a net of pici-proxy servers.

Its really easy to install and quickly done. You’ll find the downloadable code and an installation guide on the following side.

pici-proxy installation guide >>

Help developing the picidae-project by testing and coding

In the developer section you will find documentation-Wiki/bugreporting tool and access to the svn repository.

picidae developer section >>

Link to picidae

Get a Banner or a Tag and link to a pici-Server, pici-Proxy or the picidae homepage.

Banners & Tags >>

Translate picidae into your language

Help us making picidae accessible. If you speak a language not yet on picidae, you may tranlase it into your language.

If you make a translation of one of these pages, we will be very pleased to put it on this page! You may send it by email to contactatpicidae.net .

If you have written, or intend to write an article about picidae we are interested in hearing about it!
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or drop us an email: contactatpicidae.net

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