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Internet Censorship in China

All URLs as well as all network packages are filtered for unwanted keywords. After a certain amount of such keywords are located the connection to the server gets terminated and the web site is blocked. Many web sites are blocked permanently and are not reachable at all (e.g. wikipedia.org, news.bbc.co.uk, etc.).

Problem loading page

Invoked web pages get blocked in China, this can happen in one of the following ways:

  • The connected server is not responding and you get a timeout error from your webbrowser after a long wait.
  • The connection is reset.
  • Your call gets redirected onto another web page.

Different types of inaccessibility of websites

There are different types of website inaccessibility in China. Mostly you get a timeout for the webpage you’re trying to load. For some pages we got a reset of the connection (most probably because this webpages contain blacklisted keywords). Some other pages are simply redirected to another page, or replaced by another page.

Problem loading page
Mostly you get a timeout for the webpage you’re trying to load. Screenshot taken in April 2007 in Beijing, China.
Reset of the Connection while searching google.com for 天安门 民主 屠杀 (Tiananmen Demokratie Massaker)
For some pages we got a reset of the connection (most probably these Webpages contain words that are blacklisted).
Screenshot taken on the 3rd April 2007 in Bejing, China.
Screenshot einer ersatz seite
Some other pages are simply redirected to another page or replaced by another page.
Screenshot taken on the 12th April 2007 in Shanghai, China.

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[August 26th, 2007 | # ]

what was your internet-connectivity in china? was it dial-up or wlan or hotel?

[October 23rd, 2007 | # ]

Internetzensur maybe not so bad, it really makes fun, when u break it through yourself, just using a diferent proxy…or with this tricky PICIDAE.
But this kind of fun may not last long, Just think about it, how did u feel, when u first time got the Playboy just as a kid…and what about today as an adult without those shit sensurs?
I mean, there are always so many kinds of ‘truths’ out there, how do U know, what U got maybe just another 1001 nights fairy tale.
In China, anybody who really wants to get the ‘truth’ can find his/her own way to get it(maybe not so difficult as u think), however the social system is not the same like here in Germany, where people think and talk so directly(luckily no one like G.W. Bush thinking with his ass;-) . Those peple u saw in the internet cafe in China could be just the simple ones who just want to get their simple lives, so just let them in peace.
however thanks a lot for your great art work! better than the most shits in Kassel Dokumenta